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Free Career Talk : How to Secure A High Paying Job in the Digital Space

Get Insider Info on how to secure yourself a high-paying Digital Role from the top digital experts form different Industries.

Do You Want To Transition Into A Tech Role But Don’t Know Where To Get Started?

Register For this Free Career Talk today to learn how you can acquire new skills that will enable you get your dream job.


In this Career Talk you will learn;


How to Understand the Existing Knowledge Gap in the Digital Industry.

How to Get the proper skills you need to be able to stand out as the 

right candidate for Job Roles in the Digital Industry.


How to Identify the Skills you need for specified roles.

How to know the next steps to take to start bridging the gap between 

your current skill and what you need to get a high-paying digital role in the digital Industry


And most importantly, how to position yourself as an "hot-cake" that employers would love to have

The Career Talk will begin a life-changing Career experience for you in the Digital Industry.

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Head of Communications Connectinskillz

Fathiyah Abba

See what our past participants have said

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My ConnectinSkillz Journey
I first heard about ConnectinSkillz.

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I met Olayinka of ConnectinSkillz and Started learning and soaking all information

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I cannot share my success without giving honor to Ola and ConnectinSkillz...

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Christiana D

My Success Story began the day I was introduced to the platform

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I am very excited to share this good news

 We want to hear your story too

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