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My journey started many years back whilst not knowing where my journey will end but I knew I wanted a change in my career so I had to do something to make that happen.

I met Olayinka of ConnectinSkillz and Started learning and soaking all information I could get like a 🧽, day and night burning the midnight oil, learning from the best, asking questions all the time and getting the answers required and those answers are still fresh in my head till now cos I asked questions and that’s the only way you get things clarified and if you don’t ask questions or your too timid to ask then this is not for you.

Fast forward to GDPR when every organisation had to get ready to comply with the Regulation which was coming into force in May 2018 and as ConnectinSkillz is always ahead of everyone, we enrolled for the training boy was it intense. Fast forward to 2018 got my first contract as a Data Protection Officer for 2 UK District Councils - boy did I have to adapt fast and hit the ground running which ConnectinSkillz prepared me for, then came other contracts and a previous contract with an NHS Trust showed me that hard work will always be appreciated by those that recognise talent and boy did they prove that by giving me lovely gifts and they said they have never given any gifts to a contractor before and that I was the first 😳😳😳❤️❤️❤️ beautiful feeling and this got me more motivated which I shared with Olayinka and also my Mentees and yes I’m a Mentor too.

I applied for some jobs and got called for the two I applied for, CV writing is my Forte, I didn’t get the two as I was told that I’m very knowledgeable and that it was close between 2 of us and they had to give the position to someone with more experience of over 10 years and for some funny reasons that’s what both employers said and I said yes I’ve got less than a year experience with the NHS but I’ve gained a lot and even looking towards not just being your typical information Governance Manager but had to start training for Information security as you can’t separate the two.

Started to redefine myself again and applied for 2 or 3 other positions and got invited for all, I thought to stick to just infor gov and not mention I’m skilled in info sec too but said to myself will never do that and pride myself as I am.

The recruiters called me and said I am successful for the Information Governance Manager role with DPO, GDPR and FOI function, I had to choose the best for me with a better contract and pay even though I thought I wasn’t going to get that desired job cos I saw the applicant before me who was an older gentleman and I thought oh God not again and was told by recruiter I would find out at end of the week, got a call early in the morning the next day that they offered me the position - guess what I was sick and they could see this , he said to me that they could see this and that even though they saw I was taking my time they know I’m very knowledgeable and like the phrase I used Customer centric professional 😁😁 as I would also be the face of the organisation as I would be meeting with 3 NHS CCG’s under my portfolio.

I want to thank you Ola, Christiana and the whole ConnectinSkillz for this wonderful platform, I’ve learnt from a lot of people and also to my mentees you make me push myself more every time.

My advise:
Draft a roadmap for your career, get certifications, always think outside the box and don’t remain a traditional professional, evolve like Olayinka says take trainings that are inline with your career path, the platform can be overwhelming I know but like I said stay to your career path and get the relevant training that suits that path, your success story is around the corner so don’t give up or let people’s attitudes let you leave this wonderful platform, God Bless us All 🙏🏼 🙏🏼🙏🏼 God bless ConnectinSkillz

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