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My ConnectinSkillz Journey

I first heard about ConnectinSkillz from my big sister and Mentor-Chide. They told me about the platform. Coming from another training platform where i had not so good experience, i had given up on being a BA entirely. But thank God i got introduced to chide! that was a game changer for me. I joined ConnectinSkillz and the first thing i noticed was the robust LMS. I took advantage of it and watched all the learning videos and took all the accessments. That steered me in the right direction with regards to my learning. Then i was assigned to a project Team with regards to my learning team and i was fortunate again to be christiana’s mentee. Together we set out my goals and my learning plan. I started looking forward to our weekly sessions because after the meetings i became even more positive that i am one step closer to my goal. Not only did she recommend certifications for me to take but she literally held my hands throughout the entire learning process. She sent me all the learning materials i needed to bag the the certifications, she taught me how to market myself on LinkedIn, guided me in rewriting my CV, prepped me for interviews amongst all things…what else could i ask for?

I will conclude by thanking God for all the opportunities he has brought my was on this journey, for giving me amazing mentors whose unwavering confidence in me can be scary at times. Thank you so much for Chide and Christiana, for going above and beyond for me. Another person i want to say a big thank you to is Ola, he calls to encourage me and he would send me job vacancies regularly as well.
Finally, to my team members, George, Bunmi, Victoria and Anthony. Thank you for the privilege of leaning from and with you on the ConnectinSkillz platform. I wish you greater Success in your careers.

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