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My Success Story began the day I was introduced to the platform
I was a final year student at the time hoping to complete my placement as a Research Scientist. So, I decided to finish Uni and focus all my attention on the platform, During my times at ConnectinSkillz, I was so involved and made myself available with lots of questions that I was asked by projects Leads to oversee and facilitate every aspect of the project. I made sure I was involved in every aspect of the project, from the planner’s side right up to the QA side, which produced a result of being a Lead Digital Business Analyst for the project. I made good lasting friendship, a lot of late nights, constant reviews, constant independent research and also taking up voluntary roles on other projects. And finally, when I felt ready for the market, my Mentor Olayinka Fatogun, who help me throughout the process and always updating and checking to see how I got along with my interviews. I had my very first 2 interviews and I was offered both jobs immediately, one as a configuration and process business Analyst and the other as a Decision Business Consultant Analyst for a top Insurance company where I can travel around the world to meet clients and also work from the comfort of my own home 3X a week and also getting paid twice more than an average graduate who just finished University. I could go on and on but that will take time.

My overall experience on the platform was good and required a lot of hard work and focus, know what you want and don’t be sway from your goals then incorporate other specialist skills to increase your job acquisition prospect, doing personal research about what it’s like to do your role in the real world, what it’s the latest trend or argument in the industry, ask questions, allow for constructive criticism and do not be idle. It might feel difficult and unbearable but remember the precious and sort after gems are known to undergo pressure and fire for people to see its value.

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