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I cannot share my success story without giving honour to Ola and ConnectinSkillz . As an international student rounding up with my masters programme I had to think of my next move and all thoughts were surrounded around staying back in the Uk and getting a Tier 2 Visa. So I reached out to Ola of ConnectinSkillz and I was immediately taken on board, advised me from when I had doubts of if paying for CS BA course would be beneficial- his advice was that no knowledge and new skills are never lost, that it would be an added value to me.

I started my course with ConnectinSkillz and the support I got from my trainer and his teaching are so specific to the day to day task which made me to start to evaluate things at my present job as advised by my mentor, these made my managers more interested in my recommendations towards projects.

I was given strategic advice on how to impress my current employer to retain my employment and provide me with a Tier 2 sponsorship. The help throughout the whole process was overwhelming, I received constant follow-up and checking in to make sure I was doing things right up to the point of even reviewing all my ideas before I communicated to my emoloyers. After getting vast knowledge of the Tier 2 process I had enough confidence to approach my employer and after a couple of meetings, a decision was made and I’m currently awaiting my Tier 2 visa.

This is to encourage anyone on the CS platform or out there to come and join ConnectinSkillz to retrain yourself and add immense value to you and your own success story too will come Amen.

Thank you so much once again, ConnectinSkillz

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