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GDPR & Information Security

GDPR & Information Security
GDPR & Information Security

Introduction to Information Security
Introduction to Cryptography
Network and Computer Security
Security Management

About the Course

You will explore data protection through some introductory material in this course and gain an understanding of the scope and background around the subject. This provides a brief introduction to cryptography, security management and network and computer security that helps you to start the journey into information security research and improve your understanding of certain key concepts of information security.
The course begins with a discussion on a basic information security industry model and discusses skills, expertise and responsibilities so that in this evolving field you can recognize and evaluate future job opportunities and understand how you will need to grow personally to achieve your career goals.

Career Paths/application of course
Security Architect,
Security Consultant,
Penetration Tester/Ethical Hacker,
Chief Information Security, Officer (CISO),
Learning Pathway
  • Hours of well explained recorded training videos

  • Targeted Workshop

  • Virtual Experience Foundational knowledge

  • Hands on training

Certificate of Completion

Certificate would be given after course completion


You can learn this course at your own time and pace

Study Time

2-6 Months



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