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Digital Business Analysis

Digital Business Analysis
Digital Business Analysis

Course Introduction
Business Analysis Overview
Business Analysis Concepts
Knowledge Areas
Business Analyst Skills and Competencies
Digital Transformation
Data-driven Decision Business Analyst
Digital Tools
Course Review
Assessment and Q&A

About the Course

This specialty provides all industry practitioners with an introduction to big data analytics, including those with no previous experience in analytics. In the specific areas of marketing, human resources, finance and operations, you will learn how data analysts describe, forecast, and advise business decisions, and you will gain basic data literacy and an analytical mentality that will help you make data-driven strategic decisions. You will apply your abilities in the final Capstone Project to interprete A real-world data collection and relevant guidelines for business strategy.

Career Paths/application of course
Information Security Analyst ,
Computer Systems Analyst,
Management Analyst,
Financial Analyst,
Budget Analyst.
Learning Pathway
  • Hours of well explained recorded training videos

  • Targeted Workshop

  • Virtual Experience Foundational knowledge

  • Hands on training

Certificate of Completion

Certificate would be given after course completion


You can learn this course at your own time and pace

Study Time

2-6 Months



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